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    Mike Cev Newbie

      How can I subcscribe to JBoss AlarmTable update notification? The reason behind is that i want to run my custom MBean to listen AlarmTable updates and handle them appropiatly then remove them from the table. Is that possible?

      Second question I have is to override how log4j writes to AlarmTable by replacing the org.jboss.monitor.services.JMXNotificationAppender with my custom appender. But When I do that nothing is being logged to AlarmTable. Basically my Appender is duplicate of the JMXNotificationAppender except it filters exceptions. Any ideas?

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          The same way you would subscribe to any mbean. The emitted notification is of type jboss.alarm.table.update. You could extend the ListenerServiceMBeanSupport baseclass (look in the wiki).

          The JMXNotificationAppender is itself an MBean, to which the AlarmTable subscribes to get the notifications containing the log messages.

          If you add a second appender you need to configure the AlarmTable subscription list accordingly.