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    Attribute of type Map in XMBean question

    Y E Newbie


      I want to include an attribute to an XMBean that is of type Map. I need to store in it key/value pairs. I have a class called ConfigXMBean with methods public Map getMyMapProperty() and public void setMyMapProperty(Map prop). In my config-xmbean.xml file I have the following description:

      <attribute access="read-write" getMethod="getMyMapProperty" setMethod="setMyMapProperty">
       <description>My Map Property </description>

      I also have the following persistence descriptor for this mbean:

       <persistence persistPolicy="OnUpdate"
       <currencyTimeLimit value="10"/>
       <state-action-on-update value="keep-running"/>
       <persistence-manager value="org.jboss.mx.persistence.ObjectStreamPersistenceManager" />

      The problem is when I change the value of this property by adding an item, it doesn't persist the property - that is when I restart JBoss I loose the item I added before.

      My questions are:
      - is it possible to have a Map attribute for an MBean,
      - if Yes - is it possible to persist it the way I'm trying to do it or am I missing something?