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    StandardMBean's implementation of the DynamicMBean interface

    Jorgen Rydenius Newbie

      Hi. Hope someone can share a little light on this:

      In JBoss 3.2.8, all implementations of the DynamicMBean interface in the class javax.management.StandardMBean except for getMBeanInfo() throw IllegalStateException("Do not invoke directly"). In JBoss 4.0.5 on the other hand, StandardMBean provides a DynamicMBean implementation as expected, so this is only a 3.x issue.

      My application runs on several platforms and I need to put a dyanmic proxy (with DynamicMBean as proxy interface) in front of the MBeans (including StandardMBeans) to ensure that all invokes use the correct context classloader. But this of course fails on 3.2.8 since all DynamicMBean methods will throw IllegalStateExceptions.

      Which class actually implements the DynamicMBean methods if StandardMBean does not. And how does JBoss avoid invoking the DynamicMBean methods internally? Special handling for "instanceof StandardMBean", or what?

      Regards, Jörgen Rydenius