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    XMBean Default values now shown in JMX

    Y E Newbie

      I've got an XMBean for which attributes I provided default values in the descriptor xml file.
      This is my jboss-service.xml

       <mbean code="com.xxx.jmx.ConfigXMBean" name="BBB:service=Config"

      In config-xmbean.xml I have:
       <description>The JNDIMap XMBean </description>
       <persistence persistPolicy="OnUpdate"
       <currencyTimeLimit value="10"/>
       <state-action-on-update value="keep-running"/>
       <persistence-manager value="org.jboss.mx.persistence.ObjectStreamPersistenceManager" />
       <description>The default constructor</description>
       <!-- Attributes -->
       <attribute access="read-write" getMethod="getHost" setMethod="setHost" >
       <description>The IP address of the server</description>
       <default value="111.222.333.444" />

      When I run the JMX console I would expect to see the value 111.222.333.444 there , but I don't. The field is empty.
      If this is the correct behavior could someone tell me how and when is this default value used? Or am I missing something in the wml file?
      Thank you.