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    Strange results with twiddle.sh when Jboss is down

    Bruno Cosnefroy Newbie


      I use twiddle.sh to monitor some attributes of my jboss server.
      When the Jboss server is up, I can get without problem the attributes of the jmx-console.

      However, if the server I request is down, twiddle.sh still return values (for example for FreeMemory).
      I've tried to get the jboss.system:type=ServerInfo HostAddress attribute and I was surprised to see that the returned IP address is not the address of my server.

      The following command:
      .../twiddle.sh --server=MyServerIPAddress get "jboss.system:type=ServerInfo" HostAddress

      returns another IP address which is the Ip Address of another Jboss server.

      As I use twiddle.sh in the check_jmx script for Nagios, this is not really good to get values of another server when mine is down!

      I use Jboss 4.0.2.

      Is it a known bug of twiddle.sh?
      Does anyone know how twiddle.sh search for another Jboss server on the subnet and whether this is a desired behavior?