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    JMX vs EJB

    Mircea Carasel Newbie

      I am about to develop an Network Management System application with JBoss; it's purpose is to manage network elements.
      I am not very sure what technology to use: JMX or EJB.
      I am thinking to use JMX MBeans for business logic since I want to map these devices in java objects. These objects should act as remote proxy and should track device changing configuration.

      My concern is: how JMX MBeans are acting in multi-user environment ?

      I know that EJB stateless beans have different pooling and cycling mechanism that are important in multi-user environment so I am wondering if it would be better to put business logic in stateless EJB beans .
      Another approach may be to put EJB beans on top of JMX adaptors (SNMP for instance - I can make trap handling via JMX notification mechanism) - but the same problem can be met in multi-user environment since every EJB method call would use an JMX Mbean to acces the device via SNMP for instance.
      Many Thanks in advance, Mircea

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          Scott Stark Master

          jmx and ejb are separate tech, and jmx certainly is not a replacement for ejb semantics. jmx should just be treated as a managment facade/aspect of a system written using another well defined tech such as ejb.

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            Mircea Carasel Newbie

            So you are suggesting to incapsulate bussiness logic in EJB beans and maybe to use JMX on top of EJB?

            What about adaptors for different protocols that I need to use, they need to be MBeans because they have to catch every user request...

            Also, If the above assumptions are correct,If an user request is catched by an JMX adaptor and then forwarded to EJB beans, how JMX MBean can handle multi user requests?

            Thanks a lot, Mircea