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    RichFaces.showModalPanel + window.setTimeout + IExplorer 7 b

    Marco Barbi Newbie


      I've implemented a simple javascript in order to show a waiting dialog after a form submit only when users are asked to wait more than 2 secs.

       function showWaitDialog() {
       Richfaces.showModalPanel("loading_panel",{width:250, height:150});
       <h:form id="form" onsubmit="window.setTimeout('showWaitDialog()', 2000);">

      On Firefox, this work but on IExplorer 7 it fails. The problem is due to the combination of setTimeout and showModalPanel since the same code without setTimeout works on IExplorer too and, at the same way, if I use the setTimeout for invoking a regular js alert function (instead of Richfaces.showModalPanel), it also works on IExplorer.

      Any suggestion for achieving my purpose? I'm using RichFaces 3.1.2GA