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    Richfaces questions..


      Hi there,

      I am currently evaluating RichFaces for a web development project and found it very nice.
      After reading through the documentation and trying out some samples I got some more questions, that hopefully can be answered easily:

      1. The current documentation reads, that RichFaces requires a JDK 1.5 or higher. Has anyone tried to use it in a JDK 1.4 environment (probably using a tool like retroweaver or jboss retro?).

      Our codebase is 1.5 right now, so we need to use retroweaver anyway ;-).

      2. What are the dependies for the runtime? The documentation says, none (in addition to the servlet environment and a suitable jsf implementation).

      The samples have a lot more dependencies in the WEB-INF/lib directory (stuff like xerces, nekohtml, ..), are they needed?

      It would be nice if someone could answer this questions, since they are essential for us.

      Thanks in advance,