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    To change the "Connector" address

    Marco De Simone Newbie

      From the 4.2.x version, the default "connector" address isn't / but /

      I would try to change this value using the web-console.

      So, I open System -> JMX Beans -> jboss.web and click on jboss.web:type=Connector,port=8080,address=%2F127.0.0.1

      In the right view I've the "address" textfield editable.
      So, I change with / and I click on Apply Changes.
      The right page is reloaded and the new address is correct but, my server, in truth, isn't exposed too toward external clients.
      In fact, if I change page clicking on another MBean and after on the Connector Bean, I read / again.
      Where is my mistake?

      Thanks in advance.