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    Accessing a MBean on the JMX Console.

    dev nux Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a Scheduler Mbean that schedules the execution of a Mbean I've made. I have two problems when deploying my Scheduler Mbean (as a sar archive).
      The first is that I can't see my Scheduled Mbean on the Jmx console when I can see the Scheduler MBean. When I start scheduling I can see my Scheduled MBean outputs on the JBoss console, which means that it is existing but encapsuled into the Scheduler MBean. I would like to have an access to this Scheduled Mbean to be able to manage it apart from the Scheduler MBean.
      The second is that I haven't found any documentation (have I looked well for it ?) about adding a link "View MBean" on the agent interface of a MBean to easily having an access to another MBean used by the first one.