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    Expose MBeans from another domain

    Al AL Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I've deployed WAR application into JBoss-4.0.4GA (actually 3rd party application). This application has few MBeans, which can be seen through the application itself (using browser).

      However these MBeans are not visible through standard /jmx-console.

      I'd like to see them also in /jmx-console. Is that possible ?

      PS In case I deploy exactly this application into Tomcat, I can see/reach these MBeans without any problems.

      Thanks a lot,

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          Elias Ross Master

          It's possible the MBeans were installed in a separate MBeanServer instance. The console displays only the JBoss MBeanServer and those MBeans installed there.

          Unfortunately (but I could be mistaken with the current release) there's no way to browse a different MBean server with the console. This certainly could be a useful feature, for example a "pull down" that listed the MBeanServers (and their domains) in the MBean listing.