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    Get statistics

    Giuseppe Moscardelli Newbie

      I'm trying to get the statistics that jbossws generates for the web service deployed. I don't have an idea about how to do this.
      I've asked in the forum of jbossws and the only thing that users have telled me is to use jmx, but how?
      I've reade something about jmx from the sun site but I understand nothing.
      An user have given me this snippet:

      // get SPI provider and endpoint registry
      SPIProvider spiProvider = SPIProviderResolver.getInstance()
      EndpointRegistry epRegistry = spiProvider.getSPI(
      // loop over all endpoints
      Set<ObjectName> objectNames = epRegistry.getEndpoints();
      for (ObjectName objectName : objectNames) {
       // get the endpoint by using its name
       Endpoint endpoint = epRegistry.getEndpoint(objectName);

      But I don't know what this code should do.

      Someone can help me?

      Please help me.
      Thanks, bye bye.