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    tranasction context propagation..ejb 3

    David Ford Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am stuck in an issue and need your help on it.

      I have an ejb (Bean1) where in a transaction is started.
      From this ejb (Bean1) if I call another ejb(Bean2), and anything wrong happens in Bean2, whole of the transaction is rolled back.
      This is controlled by the Jboss.

      My query is..
      If from Bean1, I make a call to some utility class which makes entires into DB and if an error happens in Bean1 , after utility class commits the DB changes. How can I rollback the changes made in utility class.

      In short, how is the transaction in EJB3 propagated to utility class?

      I am using hibernate in utility class and the application server used is JBoss4.

      I set hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class
      and set hibernate.transaction.factory_class to org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory

      My code in utility class..

      UserTransaction tx = (UserTransaction)new InitialContext()

      try {

      // Do some work
      saved object using hibernate session

      catch (RuntimeException e) {
      throw e; // or display error message

      I get an error which says the transaction is not active.

      Can you please tell what could be the problem?