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    Class loader with Scheduler service

    Bryan Oliver Newbie

      I have deployed Jar file with my classes, and I have a JBoss scheduler service defined in my deploy directory.

      When I copy a new Jar file to deploy a new version of my application, the scheduler seems to execute old code. It's like the schedule classloader is holding onto references to the old code.

      The only way I've figured out how to fix this is to restart JBoss, which is obviously not desirable.

      Is there any way around this?

      Here is how my schedule is setup:

      <mbean code="org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Scheduler" name=":service=ScoFTP">
       <attribute name="StartAtStartup">true</attribute>
       <attribute name="SchedulableClass">com.lvlomas.erp.scheduler.ScoTenderConfirmationProcessor</attribute>
       <attribute name="SchedulableArguments"></attribute>
       <attribute name="SchedulableArgumentTypes"></attribute>
       <attribute name="InitialStartDate">0</attribute>
       <attribute name="SchedulePeriod">50000</attribute>
       <attribute name="InitialRepetitions">-1</attribute>
       <attribute name="FixedRate">true</attribute>