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    how to use twiddle to verify deployment sucessful

    andy DN Newbie

      After deploy a war file to jboss, I need to be able to verify the deployment result. I use jmx console to manually look at the result by looking at the StateString attribute of the war file (for example id=2028225457,war=test.war) under jboss.web.deployment.

      Does anybody know how to use twiddle to query this attribute? I am
      having trouble to find the right syntax to run twiddle to get this attribute.

      thanks a lot.


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          Himadri Saha Newbie

          There's no straightforward way to do this since the generated ID is not in your control. The work-around would to use the result of a 'query' operation to subsequently invoke the 'get' operation. Following would work in any unix environment:

          ./twiddle.sh -s get --noprefix `./twiddle.sh -s query jboss.web.deployment:* | grep war_name` StateString