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    Validate that all modules of an EAR have been deployed.

    Paul Stath Newbie

      I would like to use JMX to validate that all of the modules in my EAR have been started.

      Goals are:
      + Query org.jboss.management.j2ee.J2EEApplication? or similar MBean to determine the modules that are part of the EAR.
      + From the above, find an MBean for each module and determine that the module is in a "started" state.

      The "modules" attribute in J2EEApplication that I am looking at has a zero length String[]?

      The "deploymentDescriptor" attribute returns the application.xml which I could parse, but I also have a SAR deployed in the EAR, and would need to get/parse jboss-app.xml to verify that the services have been deployed.

      I suppose I could use the jmx-console to determine the Objectnames for each module and hard-code them (or put in a properties file), but then I will forget to add new objectnames as I add modules to the EAR, and the info should be available in JMX.

      I'm a little lost on where to go from this point. Any pointers would be appreciated.