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    trnsfering a file from my system to remote JBoss server

    viswanadh vadlamannati Newbie

      Hi All, I am trying to deploy an application from 1 system to remote JBoss server , I am planning to do this with JMX .

      Just want to know , when we deploy the "ear" or "war" in ALL\farm (when any 2 physical systems are in cluster ), then the file would go automatically to another machine's ALL\deploy folder. We are not doing any file transfer or some other thing. This will be done automatically. So just want to use (if at all the JBoss guys implemented this using MBean) ,that MBean which does the trnsfering the file to another machine.

      So can any body suggest me what I need to do (what MBean name I need to use , and if I can have any code help), and can I do in this manner.