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    Number threads Scheduler Jboss

    Rafael Codina Tormo Newbie


      I am currently using 4.0.4 GA version of JBoss AS. I am configuring the jboss-service.xml of a *.sar/META-INF/ folder, for that, I a defining several mbeans to be executed at a certain hour.

      When doing my tests I am realizing that there is only a single thread (Timer-X) in charge of this execution, which means that a second mbean
      won't be executed as long as the one being executed has not finished.

      Since this behaviour can somehow affect the scheduling of my services I would like to know the possibility of having more than one thread per jboss-service.xml file and how to do it.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Lee Smith Newbie

          I'm having the same problem on 4.0.5. At first I thought each mbean needed its own Timer instance but that didn't work anyway. I'm trying to upgrade from 3.2.6 and this is the last piece of the puzzle for me...running multiple mbeans worked just fine on 3.2.6.

          Any help is much appreciated!

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            Lee Smith Newbie

            I don't know if this will help you or not but I found this in the Scheduler JavaDocs:

            Scheduler Instance to allow clients to run this as a scheduling service for any Schedulable instances.
            ATTENTION: The scheduler instance only allows to run one schedule at a time. Therefore when you want to run two schedules create to instances with this MBean. Suggested Object Name for the MBean are:
            This way you should not run into a name conflict.