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    Can't use JMX query syntax in JMX console filter

    Adam Mlodzinski Newbie

      This is just a rant, but it would be nice if the JMX console let you use JMX query syntax, instead of supplying a 'user friendly' filter. The filter is pretty close to JMX query syntax, but it's not, so I find it frustrating.

      In particular, the thing I hate is that you cannot put the * anywhere you want to in the list of ObjectName key properties. For example '*:*,type=channel' is a valid ObjectName pattern, but can't be used as a filter in the JBoss JMX console. It fails in the JMX console because JBoss appends it's own ',*' to the 'filter'. Jboss assumes you didn't do it and assumes that you want a pattern.

      I find that odd, considering JBoss' persistence that it's fully standards compliant, though in all fairness there is no claim in the JMX console that you can use ObjectName patterns, just that you can use a 'filter'. Hoaky, imho.