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    Connect to remote Jboss without dependency on Jboss client j

    Srikanth Val Newbie

      Hi Sir / madam,
      My client requires that he would like to deploy his application on remote Jboss server. But he doesn't like application to depend on JBoss jars, set any JVM property for remote access. Is there any way we can deploy?

      Using JNDI Context : I have to use Jboss jars
      Using Jconsole remote: I have to set JVM property

      Client is using JBoss 4.2.2GA....

      Its very Urgent and show stopper. Please help.....

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Your client is asking for the impossible. The requirements cannot be met by any Java EE application server currently on the market.

          When a client app talks to an application server via JNDI, the client JARs for that application server must be in the classpath for the client application. This is a requirement for any application server, not just for JBossAS. However, that does not mean that the client is dependent on any particular application server - if the client is written using the JNDI APIs, then simply supplying a jndi.properties file whose contents are geared towards the desired application server, and making the application server's client JARs available on the classpath is sufficient. In this way the client application is not dependent on any particular application server.

          And the only way to connect JConsole to a remote JVM is to launch that JVM with option to tell it to expect such connections. There is no other way to do this, no matter what Java application you are talking about.