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    Problem with reset behaviour in a4j:form

    Padraig Byrne Newbie

      I have a tabPanel in an a4j:form

      I have a viewTab & an editTab

      viewTab has an edit button that changes viewTab rendered to false & editTab rendered to true

      In editTab I have a number of validated fields & a'save' & 'cancel' buttons

      The save works fine but cancel which is a reset button does not clear the fields in the form

      See code for cancel http://pastebin.com/f5247a583

      I have behaviour that when I hit cancel on the editTab it sets rendered on this tab to false & rendered on viewTab to true .

      The viewTab on being re-rendered has valid contents but on reentering editTab it has retained previous values entered prior to cancel being called.

      The viewTab & editTab are pointing to same backing bean entity so it would appear that the refresh never get's callled for editTab

      I have attemped to add calls to ontabenter for editTab to re-render its contents & also ontableave in viewTab to renrender editTab contents but these never get called