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    How to check with java code, if a deploy was sucessfull?

    Thiago Rodrigues Newbie

      I know I can deploy and undeploy invoking methods of MainDeployer MBean.
      but they haven't return value!
      void deploy() -> param: java.net.URL
      void undeploy() -> param: java.net.URL
      They are void!
      I know I can add listeners on subdeployers, but if occurs another deploy of another application in the same time, I have to check in each notification how is the application, to not give a wrong feedback to my user...
      Is there an easyer way to check if the deploy was sucessfull?
      the other way I thought, is invoking method "boolean isDeployed() -> param: java.net.URL" after each 5 seconds, waiting return value true (if I called deploy()) or value false (if I called undeploy). But if the operations wasn't sucessfull, I will wait forever...
      What I do?