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    Best Way to Deploy JMX Classes

    David Murphy Newbie

      Hi - JBOSS/JMX newbie seeking advice..

      We have a largish application.ear that is deployed in server/default/deploy.

      Inside the ear are some classes that implement ServiceMBean to provide some customized JMX monitoring for the app.

      Question is how can I tell JMX to load these classes from the deployed application.ear file? Or must I repackage the required classes into a .jar file and deploy that to /server/default/lib?

      Here is the xml that defines our custom JMX service. Is there any way to tell JOBSS to load this MBEAN from the application.ear?



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          David Murphy Newbie

          Sorry - here is the XML

           <mbean code="com.xxx.platform.jmx.MonitoringService"
           <attribute name="Property1">Property1</attribute>
           <attribute name="Property2">Property2</attribute>

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            stanton fisque Newbie

            you can package the mbean/impl classes in a ..SAR (its similar to an .EAR, check the docs) and either configure it internally with a jboss-service.xml or externally with a "-service.xml" file in the deploy directory. each way has its advantages.

            i did something similar to this, where the .SAR was deployed with a jboss-service.xml internally, and then i wrapped that with an external mbean to schedule it (using the varia scheduler).

            if you deploy your jar file in the [lib] dir, its bootstrapped at runtime and cannot be hot deployed/undeployed. which might be preferable. if its deployed as a .SAR, you can deploy/undeploy to your hearts content as long as your unbind/rebind methods are proper.


            == stanton