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    Using JMX console, how to remove consumers listening to a qu

    Gary Fallas Newbie

      I'm using the JMX console to view the "testQueue" Queue (see below). It has several consumers listening for any messages sent to the queue. But I don't know how to remove a particular listener using JMX. It would also be useful to get a list of the classes that are listening on the queue. There is a ConsumerCount, but this just shows the number of consumers.

      I would like to access this informatin via the JMX Console or programatically, but not sure if there are any JMX/MBean objects that provide this info.


      // Test Queue that I looked up using JMX Console

      MBean Name: Domain Name: jboss.messaging.destination
      service: Queue
      name: testQueue
      MBean Java Class: org.jboss.mx.modelmbean.XMBean