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    configure scheduling of mbean in .sar

    stanton fisque Newbie

      running jboss as 4.2.3-GA

      i have a .sar which contains an mbean, its interface, and the appropriate jboss-service.xml file.

      if i configure a scheduler in the jboss-service.xml file, it fires up correctly and everything is happy.

      if i remove the scheduling mbean block, and try to configure a scheduler mbean outside the .sar file (similar to the scheduler-service.xml file), that i have named as export-scheduler.xml, it does not work.

      basically i get "is waiting for an appropriate deployer" Exception when i deploy the mbean xml file.

      is there some extra configuration or missing tag i need to have an "external" mbean talk to the mbean deployed in my .sar?

      the basic goal i have is to externalize configuration so that i can tune the frequency of the scheduler without having to redeploy a new .sar each time. i just want to twiddle the .xml file and have it redeploy with the new values.


      == stanton