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    MBean inside an EAR without Annotations

    James Callaghan Newbie

      I'm trying to modify a few of the MBeans that we use in our applications to use XML configuration instead of their current annotations so that I can make use of the descriptions and parameter names etc that can't be changed with the annotations. However, I simply can't get the things to deploy. I've tried all sorts of configurations but there isn't much (any) documentation on this.

      Can anyone tell me what configurations I need where. The latest content structure I've tried is:

      - jboss-service.xml (contains the MBean definition pointing to META-INF/my-xmbean.xml)
      -- jboss-app.xml
      -- application.xml
      -- my-xmbean.xml
      -- jar1.jar
      -- jar2.jar
      -- jar3.jar (this jar contains the MBean code)

      Any help is much appreciated.