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    Past the basic CDK example, integrqating javascript ??

    Padraig Byrne Newbie


      I am trying to develop a colorPicker component using cdk..

      I have javascript that works that works in standard html form but doesn't integrate with a4jform. i.e input value not picked up

      I'm trying to make a custom component using cdk to provide a simple

      <mylib:colorpicker id="myPicker"
      value="#{settings.colour}" /> that will wrap / hide javascript & link put selected colour into value so a4j:form can process

      Ideally will ajaxify

      While I can get the basic setup & build of simple cdk component to work I am struggling on how to do the more advance bit of integrating with javascript.

      I want similar behaviour to calendar component . i.e Text Box with Hex representation of colour & coloured icon that when clicked on displays a popup color pallette which will then allow option to pick colour & this will update the text box ( & maybe icon colour)

      I looked @ calendar but it is very complex & convoluted

      Any pointers ? or examples or other ? that can help me out