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    JBoss 5.0.0.GA on MySQL, migration problem

    R C Newbie

      I tried to migrate my app from 4.2.3 (with new messaging), to 5.0.0GA, both on mysql. The app havily relies on queues, and JMS also uses mysql for persistence.

      Now, raw JBoss has messaging on Hypersonic, and this starts ok. But when configured with the "mysql-persistence-service.xml", which I took from examples, I get this error:

      ERROR [ProfileServiceBootstrap] start: Failed to load profile: Summary of incomplete deployments (SEE PREVIOUS ERRORS FOR DETAILS):

      *** CONTEXTS MISSING DEPENDENCIES: Name -> Dependency{Required State:Actual State}

      -> jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice{Create:Configured}

      -> jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice{Create:Configured}

      -> jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice{Create:Configured}

      -> jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice{Create:Configured}

      -> jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice{Create:Configured}

      other queues follow...

      Seems like the PostOffice has a problem to start, don't know why, as there are no errors before that. I also removed any deployed ear's of my app, to see the source of the problem.
      At this point I have no clue. Please help.