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    JBoss Query



      Here i m working on custom filter java file for JBoss Logging. I m
      giving the entry of the java file in log4j.xml. My problem is that - if
      the java file is in default package and its class file is in
      jboss\server\default\conf then that class is instantiating fine but if
      that java file is in package
      com.propo.tools.mergemanager.profiles(where i want) and its package
      entry is in java file then this file is not getting instantiated
      properly by server. Can anyone help me here.

      Thanks And Regards
      Divya Garg

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          jaikiran pai Master


          You will have to give us more details.
          * What are you trying to do?
          * Which version of JBossAS and Java do you use?
          * Why are you placing the class files in the conf folder of JBoss?
          * How are you packaging your application?
          * What have you changed in the log4j.xml?

          And please provide more details as to what you mean by "class is not getting instantiated". Also please post any relevant code or configurations or logs.

          While posting logs or xml content or code, please remember to wrap it in a code block by using the Code button in the message editor window. Please use the Preview button to ensure that your post is correctly formatted.

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            Sir i am putting a <depends jboss:service=DataSourceBinding> attribue in log4j initilizaion in Joss-service.xml file in conf folder. Can it possible that when server starts log4j configuration will happen after DataSource Binding.

            Divya Garg