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    Destroy service in which order?

    Mohit Anchlia Novice

      We have MDB that we basically need to stop and start cleanly. But the problem is that if we try to stop ProxyBindingMDB (below) then it just stays in stopping state because I think bean instance. Can I destroy ProxyBindingMDB alone? I want to either stop or destroy such that I can re-create and start the MDB back again. But I am not sure in which sequence I should do that because when I tried destroy and create on ProxyBindingMDB it connected as consumers but it wasn't draining the queue.

      From jmx-console:

      1. binding=ProxyBindingMDB A-PROCESSOR,jndiName=local/A-PROCESSOR@30230132,plugin=invoker,service=EJB
      2. jndiName=local/A-PROCESSOR@30230132,plugin=pool,service=EJB
      3. jndiName=local/A-PROCESSOR@30230132,service=EJB