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    EJB/JCA/Servlets stats in Jboss5

    Bogdan Popadinets Newbie

      I hope you can help me )
      We used jboss4 for our app and for monitoring our components such as servlets/EJBs used MBeans from jboss.management.local domain.
      for example org.jboss.management.j2ee.EntityBean has attribute stats with detailed data about EBean behavior , same for all EJB types , servlets.

      ( jboss.management.local:j2eeType=StatefulSessionBean,* ) it is filter examle for all Stateful beans.

      Now we are tying migrate to JBoss5 , all is good but now we can't see any MBeans for Servlets/EJB which can return stats data.

      Is it possible get these stats under Jboss5 ?
      thanks for any advise !