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    Blacktie alternative to Tucedo?

    davide pasinato Newbie

      I read almost an year ago some stuff on this project that got my attention. In particular Blacktie was advertise as an alternative to Tuxedo services and this would be interesting in my enviroment.

      My scenario is:
      I have several Tuxedo services (written in C) that are invoked via Jolt pool. Can I somehow migrate those services to Blacktie? Will there be a Jolt connector in blacktie (in case when is it planed)? What would it be the impact on my C Code?


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          Tom Jenkinson Master

          Hi Davide,

          Welcome to the forums! Blacktie is an implementation of the X/Open ATMI API much the same as Tuxedo.

          In this way, if you have Tuxedo services (written in C) which adhere to the XATMI interface (don't worry, most do!) then these should deploy just fine into blacktie.

          In terms of Jolt, this is BEA's own API and as such we don't have the same level of portability that the C side does. However we do have two Java APIs that you could take a look at: JAB and EJB Connector. I think it sounds like the JAB API could help you out here. You can find the javadocs at:

          Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future,