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    BlackTie MR6 Released

    Tom Jenkinson Master

      Hi All,

      We are very pleased to announce the availability of BlackTie MR5. This release represents a significant shift forward for the project as it introduces a significant new feature set:
      1. JMS/Stomp based transport - Using a message broker allows XATMI services to be easily clustered and secured using standard JMS security
      2. Cross platform transaction support - Transactions started in a Java JAB client or the application server can now span seamlessly to the C XATMI services
      Alongside these breakthroughs in functionality we have also taken the opportunity to resolve several stability issues resulting in hopefully the greatest step forwards for BlackTie so far.

      You can download the release and check the release notes at: http://www.jboss.org/blacktie/release.html

      The BlackTie Team