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    xatmi foobar example failure

    carlos pena Newbie

      I have an error on tpadvertise for the BAR service example.
      I try with Minimal Middleware Services and with JBoss AS and I have the same error.

      INFO AtmiBrokerServer - Server Running
      ERROR AtmiBrokerServer - Could not advertise service with command: tpadvertise,BAR,
      INFO AtmiBrokerServer - Server waiting for requests...

      With minimal configuration I obtain this messages from the logfile :

      DEBUG StompEndpointQueue - Receivin from: /temp-queue/client-0
      DEBUG StompEndpointQueue - Could not read frame for /temp-queue/client-0: 70007 was the result
      DEBUG StompConnectionImpl - Sending DISCONNECT
      DEBUG StompConnectionImpl - Disconnecting...
      DEBUG StompConnectionImpl - Disconnected
      TRACE StompSessionImpl - destroyed
      TRACE loggerXATMI - tpgetrply session closed
      DEBUG loggerXATMI - _get_tperrno
      TRACE loggerXATMI - found _get_tperrno13
      TRACE loggerXATMI - tpadvertise return: -1 tperrno: 0
      INFO AtmiBrokerServer - Server waiting for requests...

      Local configuration:
      Fedora 10 (linux

      I follow the example's README file and wiki instructions from http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/DeployingBlacktie

      Any suggestions to correct this problem?