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    Problem with tpadvertise

    carlos pena Newbie

      I have a domain with two services, when server starts this messages are displayed

      2009-08-07 14:59:25,256 [0xb7f0c770] INFO AtmiBrokerServer - Server Running
      2009-08-07 14:59:25,605 [0xb7f0c770] INFO AtmiBrokerServer - advertised service BAR
      2009-08-07 14:59:25,920 [0xb7f0c770] ERROR AtmiBrokerServer - Service returned with error: tpadvertise,BAR2,
      2009-08-07 14:59:25,922 [0xb7f0c770] INFO AtmiBrokerServer - Server waiting for requests...

      In blacktie logfile I have this ERROR message

      ERROR AtmiBrokerServer - Service returned with error: tpadvertise,BAR2,

      and i have this another message in jboss

      ERROR [BlacktieStompAdministrationService] Service BAR2 cannot be located for server

      The BAR service returns OK when I test with a client program.

      My configuration:.... blacktie-1.0-MR5, jboss-5.1.0.GA

      (Enviroment.xml looks like....





      and i have two services files in default directory: BAR.xml and BAR2.xml (they looks like to)

      <SERVICE_DESCRIPTION library_name="server.so" advertised="false">

      I compile the server with this command
      generate_server.sh -Dserver.includes=BarService.c,BarService2.c -Dservice.names=BAR,BAR2

      Which can be my problem?
      Thanks in advance

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          Tom Jenkinson Master


          My apologies for not responding to your email earlier, I am not sure of the circumstances but typically I receive an email to notify me of questions as they are asked but this did not appear to happen this time.

          OK, onto your query. Basically with there is a requirement that the stompconnectservice deployed into the app server is aware of all queues that the BlackTie domain is intended to use.

          In order to ensure the stompconnectservice has this information you will need to update the Environment.xml in the root of the <BLACKTIE_HOME>/stompconnectservice/stompconnectservice-1.0-MR5-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar.

          Currently to do this you would need to extract and recompress this file, then redeploy the file into the application server (there is no need to reboot the JBoss Server.

          Hope this helps,

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            Tom Jenkinson Master

            Also, as a result of your observation I am going to alter the deployment of stompconnectservice to be a little more user friendly.

            In the BLACKTIE_HOME/stompconnectservice folder will be two files:
            Environment.xml (which is the one you need to edit and is currently in the jar)

            From trunk or MR6 and above you will then need to copy the Environment.xml into JBOSS_HOME/server/all/conf and the stompconnectservice.jar into the server/all/deploy folder

            Hopefully this will be cleaner to use....