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    Deploying Blacktie

    Sharareh SHAHINPOUR Newbie


      Would you please let me know if we can use Blacktie instead of TUXEDO 8 in our application with the following specifications ?
      Database ORACLE 9i on the server UNIX HP-UX11sur HP
      In the Client side, we have PC in WINDOWS XP, VISUAL BASIC V5 Service PACK3, interface COM, The OCX and DLL applications. WININET,... components.

      I installed "Linux Debian" on the Virtual Machine. While, in the wiki of Blacktie, Fedora 10 (or more) is recommended like Runtime Requirement.
      Do I have to install Fedora10 instead of Debian?

      Is there any more open-source solution for replacing TUXEDO?

      Thanks in advance

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          Michael Musgrove Master

          Hello. Blacktie is an implementation of the X/Open XATMI and TX specifications. If your system is adhering to these then it should be possible. However, we have only built and tested on Fedora fc10 32/64 bit and 32 bit XP so I cannot commit to saying it will work on Debian (but I am not aware of any issues so long as you are able to build all the BlackTie dependencies). If you run with Debian it will be difficult for us to answer questions regarding issues so I would recommend that you install Fedora 10 on your VM.

          Maybe in the future we will test on other platforms but since this early days we only do the above mentioned platforms at the momement.

          We have tested on Oracle 11g which works fine (so 9i should work too since it is an XA compliant database - just we haven't tested it). Any XA compliant resource will work with BlackTie.

          Since TUXEDO, or any other implementation of the X/Open XATMI and TX specifications is a significant undertaking I would doubt that there are any other open source implementations out there.

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            Tom Jenkinson Master

            Hi Sharareh,

            We have just released MR6 of BlackTie which has extended the txfooapp example (BLACKTIE_BIN_DIR/examples/xatmi/txfooapp) to illustrate recovery with multiple Oracle 11g databases which you may be interested in? You will be happy to hear that this works on both linux and Windows XP!

            Hope you get chance to take a look,