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    Toolschain of eclipse (Developing Blacktie)

    Chuanbin Xu Newbie


      I have read the file "Developing Blacktie"(http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/DevelopingBlacktie).

      I want to know which toolschain I should select for the project, or should I find a new toolschain for vc 2008?


      Best regards.


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          Tom Jenkinson Master

          Hi Sunny,

          I updated the instructions on Developing Blacktie.

          1. On windows there is no VS2008 toolchain for eclipse
          2. On windows we now recommend using the VS2008 IDE for debugging
          3. You can use the eclipse projects on windows without specifying a toolchain, this means you can edit the files and run the build from within Eclipse but you can't debug

          All the best,