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    [ANN] JBoss Plugin for Eclipse IDE Now Available

    waynep Newbie

      EASIE(tm) JBoss 2.4.4/3.0Alpha Plugin (Early Access 1)

      Genuitec announces the Early Access 1 release of the EASIE JBoss Plugin. This plugin is one of a series of application and web server plugins for the Eclipse 2.0 IDE. EASIE JBoss Plugin extends the Eclipse IDE to include user controls for managing a JBoss 2.4.4/3.0Alpha instance from within Eclipse runtime and debug contexts. The plug-in is built on top of Genuitec's Eclipse Application Server Integration Environment, (EASIE), a framework for interfacing Eclipse with Java/J2EE application servers.

      Early Access Features:
      1) Easy plugin configuration
      2) Start JBoss Server in Eclipse debug context
      3) Graceful shutdown of JBoss Server
      4) Monitor JBoss output from Eclipse console
      5) Fix-and-Go debugging of EJBs, Servlets, and Controller logic using JDK 1.4 HotSwap feature
      6) How-To documentation

      Features remaining in development for 1.0 Release:
      1) Auto deployment of EJBs and Web Applications
      2) Tutorial and Examples

      EASIE JBoss Plugin is free for personal and commercial use. Visit http://www.genuitec.com/products.htm for download instructions.

      EASIE Weblogic Plugin version 1.0ea3 is also available immediately.
      EASIE Webspere Plugin version 1.0ea1 is scheduled for release on Friday, 2/22/2002.
      Other EASIE plugins soon to be released include Orion/Oracle 9i.

      Genuitec, L.L.C.