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    AMR Research Evaluates the $3 Billion Application Server Mar

    Greg Turner Apprentice

      Apparently this report makes no mention of JBoss. How can this be? I would certainly like to get hold of the report to read about their methodology. I think its worth investigating how a prediction could come out that is so diametrically opposed to what we in the JBoss community think and want to happen.


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          marc fleury Master

          Don't worry about these research papers.

          This is how it works: someone pays for it, these guys call the references the payer wants and use the metric that makes them look good. (e.g they would count the number of licenses or whatever)

          Look bottom is this: these surveys, from vendors that sell them are ALWAYS biased.

          EVERY independent measure we have says we have won already. The number of downloads, the traffic on our lists and forums (1M/mo) the independent survey in development. All these datapoints say the same thing, JBOSS IS THE DEFACTO STANDARD IN J2EE, the other vendors are just wanking in a corner.

          So don't let the noise bother you, we know it is here, we do our business on it, the rest is noise.