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      > I understand why this project is full of talk and no
      > action,

      I don't think so. This project is full of talk and no action because there're only two active developers (me and Julien) and only one of us has a write access to cvs. So if I found some problem in Julien's code, I can't just fix it, but we have to waste our time by communicating over e-mail

      About Tapestry vs. Struts: if we stay with Struts, I'm able to write all the web tier myself as I've already started. If we go for something else, I'll still be happy to contribute, but someone else should do the main work here.

      About HyperSonic - what's the difference? If decide not to use any database specific features (like MySQL auto increment) it doesn't matter which database we use.
      So I don't understand your point here.