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    Installation problems with OSX

    Curt Newbie

      I followed the instructions on the Wiki page regarding installation. I set eclipse to use the 1.6.0 JVM on my MacPro, but the designer still does not show up in the list of perspectives.

      I have tried this with 3.4.2 classic + Teiid-developer, 3.4.2 EE + 6.1.0 Teiid-dev and 3.5 M7 + Teiid-dev snapshot.

      There seems to be something else that is causing issues on OSX. The installation process is as documented in the installation documentation on the Wiki, but the perspective still does not show up. I had to change the allowed ranges for features to get the snapshot to install on 3.5, but the 3.4 installations completed without any changes to the downloads.

      I really really want to check out Teiid-dev, but cannot until I get this resolved.
      TIA for any assistance.

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          John Verhaeg Newbie

          Unfortunately, OS X is not yet a supported platform. Teiid Designer currently requires Eclipse 3.4 (not 3.5) and Java 1.6. Eclipse 3.4 is compiled with a 32-bit compiler, while the JVM on OS X is 64-bit. We will be offering an Eclipse 3.5 solution in the near future, but for now you must run Teiid Designer on Windows or Linux.