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    JDBC doc

    Liz Sommers Newbie

      I seem to remember that there used to be an awful lot of documentation about configuring (especially with oracle). There are still pointers to this chapter around in various places.

      The documentation itself seems to have disappeared. There is now documentation for JBoss 3 - but I can't work with an alpha. Is there a way we can get the old documentation.

      I was perfectly willing to buy the documentation - but the pointer says that it is no longer for sale.

      I am now ready to move my enterprise from tomcat to jboss. I am having to put it off until I find sufficient documentation. Can anybody help?

      Also, what are the major differences between run_with_tomcat and run tomcat?

      Thanks a lot

      Liz Sommers

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          marc fleury Master

          we have not removed documentation, if stuff was removed by the authors, the online documentation is as it was,


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            David Jencks Master

            It looks to me as if you can still buy the docs. The link might have been broken for a little while.

            What happened to the online docs is that someone tagged versions for 2.4 and 3.0, so I removed the 2.4 only stuff from the 3.0 branch. However, no one got around to putting the 2.4 version onto the website (I'm not sure how to do it). You can look in cvs for the branch_2_4 tag.