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    JBoss 3.0 alpha

    Leo Chan Newbie

      Have anyone been successfully installed JBoss 3.0 alpha?
      I had two problem so far:
      1. When start up JBoss by executing run.bat, I get an exception saying it can't find tools.jar in lib\ext. I looks in lib\ext, this is no tools.jar
      2. When start up admin by excecuting adminlogin.bat, I get an error saying can't find the class org/jboss/AdminLog. I look at the bat file, the classpath seems to be really wrong because none of the jars file is in lib it is in client\lib.
      Any idea?
      Thanks in advance.

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          David Jencks Master

          Many people have...

          The tools.jar... we can't ship it, you have to put a copy or a symlink in lib/ext. This is used only for compiling jsps, it may not be a problem. Anyway I believe it is fixed in cvs.

          Don't know anything about the admin stuff