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    Tomcat 4.0.1 and JBoss 2.4.3

    Carl Schwarcz Newbie

      I’m a student trying to debug a servlet under Catalina (Tomcat 4.0.1) that calls a session bean under JBoss 2.4.3. My servlet dies horribly unable to load (NoClassDefFoundError) javax/ejb/EJBHome which I believe is in jboss-j2ee.jar. The appropriate directory is in my classpath. However by checking the classpath while my servlet executes I note that Tomcat has completely replaced it with its own that has none of my directories or the JBoss jars in it.

      I can run standalone code that calls the session bean with no problem.

      What’s the appropriate approach to this?

      Can anybody give me some pointers on this?

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          dani Newbie


          I solved a comparable problem by adding the path to the library to the script run_with_catalina.sh in the /<jboss-home>/bin/ directory.
          To the line
          simply add your path so it looks like

          Hope that works.