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    Using SOAP

    Vincent Touquet Newbie

      Hi I read in the docs that a container can be setup to provide a SOAP interface to the EJBs inside ?

      Is there some more specific documentation on this, or examples somewhere ?

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          test Newbie

          Are you trying to acces SOAP objects from EJBs or trying to put SOAP server objects(EJB implemented)?

          Apache Tomcat let you do the second (soap rpc router). WSDL toolkit from IBM creates soap client/server stubs which plug well with into Apache Tomcat.

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            Vincent Touquet Newbie

            I will be trying to access my EJBs using SOAP (so the second option).

            So I wil have to install the JBoss-Tomcat binaries, and then the xml-rpc router which is included in Tomcat (or is it in Apache and mod_jk ?) will handle my SOAP calls ?

            It would be great if you could provide me some links (if there exists some more info on this)

            I was browsing/searching through the forums and I read on post saying that support for SOAP was going to be better in JBoss 3.x. Do I need to concentrate on 3.x or will 2.x do just fine ?

            Kind regards

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              test Newbie

              Okay, here is what I did:

              Part One - setting up web services infrastructure

              1)Use WSDL toolkit from IBM to write soap interface for my web application.
              2)Install tomcat with soap rpc router. (look at xml.apache.org/soap)
              3)Cut soap server/client stub java classes using WSDL toolkit and install server stubs on tomcat. Look at IBM's alphaworks website for more information.

              At this point you should be able to call soap services running on tomcat from native client.

              Part Two:
              Once web service is up, we can try accessing EJBs running on JBoss from soap service server side java stub. This can easily be done by using EJB client stubs
              via RMI/JNDI.

              JBoss 3.0 doesn't support soap yet as far as I know. I looked at source code and there 's plugin jboss.net which is based on apache axis(apache soap 3.0).

              Ideally speaking I didn't like the idea of 2 levels of indirection from soap service to ejb. May be we can implement soap rpc router as an EJB which can effectively call business specific session/entity beans.

              Happy soaping :)

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                Richard Hurst Newbie

                I am interested in the concept you were trying to express here and I wondered if you managed to get it working


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                  David Jencks Master

                  JBoss 3 does support SOAP in JBoss.net, integrating apache axis. Please consider applying your efforts to improving that project rather than duplicating it.

                  I saw it work at JBossOne!

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                    Richard Hurst Newbie

                    I have glanced at the apache stuff for that - I am relatively new to all this and consequently did not quite grasp a lot of it.

                    Are there any really clear instructions for the chllenged to install this and make it work anywhere ?

                    I am prepared to give anything a go and persever until it works (my main fault)

                    Appreciate your help and efforts!

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                      David Jencks Master

                      I haven't tried it yet, but I see there is a testsuite under jboss.net in the jboss 3 cvs checkout. I would start there.

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                        Richard Hurst Newbie

                        Thanks for that I will give it a spin and see what happens