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    CompoundNames in JNDI

    Norman Maccoy Newbie

      I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but none of the others seemed to deal with JNDI as a specific topic.

      I have federated an alternative NameService into the JBoss NameService using the JNDI root context of the alternative NameService.

      However when I perform a ctx.lookup("AltNameService/someobject") I get an error on the alternative nameservice as the alternate NameService receives a CompoundName rather than a CompositeName.

      I realise that JBoss offers an additional service for federating alternative NameServices.

      My question is why does the JBoss JNDI implementation use CompoundName rather than CompositeName as it handles the CannotProceedException and passes the required info for the federated NameService to resolve the bound object?

      This was verified by disabling the exception handling on the CompoundName in the Alternative NameService. Similarly amending the JBoss code to pass a string rather than a CompoundName resulted in the successful resolution of the lookup.