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    Multiple Instances of JBoss

    Kent Henneuse Newbie

      I have a situation where I have a demo instance of a
      database and a live instance. I can use different conf
      directories for the JBoss pieces but how do I make it
      so that I can use different ports with Tomcat so I can
      have both the demo and the live instances running?

      I am using JBoss 2.4.3 and Tomcat 3.2.3 I believe
      Tomcat has a way to use different server.xml files. I
      would like to use only one .ear file for my application
      and one copy of the jboss and tomcat directories. Can
      I pass an argument through JBoss to Tomcat to specify
      a server.xml file.

      Related to the server.xml I have had to make a smybolic
      link from jboss/conf/server.xml to