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    ejb.jar not there

    Li Zhou Newbie


      I have just installed JBOSS 2.4.3 together with tomcat 3.2. When I run "ant intro-interest-jar" in directory %JBOSS_DIST%/examples/build, I got following error:
      D:\JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3\jboss\examples\build>ant intro-interest-jar
      Buildfile: build.xml



      D:\JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3\jboss\examples\build\build.xml:36: Could not create
      task of type: path. Common solutions are to use taskdef to declare your task, or
      , if this is an optional task, to put the optional.jar in the lib directory of your ant installation (ANT_HOME).

      Total time: 0 seconds

      The line 36 of build.xml is:

      But there is no ejb.jar there. What is wrong?