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    JBoss + Tomcat + Oracle

    Mark Spitzer Newbie

      I'm sure this is very much a newbie (new to both JBoss and Tomcat) question, so please go easy on me.

      I want to run JBoss using Tomcat as the web container and setup a db connection pool to an Oracle database.

      I have Tomcat integrated and use the run_with_tomcat.bat file to startup on windows. Everything works great here and I can run JSPs and Servlets till the cows come home.

      Similarly, I can startup JBoss WITHOUT Tomcat and my local datasource picks up my oracle connection URL and loads it into the JNDI namespace. To accomplish this I merely borrow the file contributed to the JBoss documentation which sets up an oracle datasource and modify the settings with my URL and Subject (i.e. username and password).

      Unfortunately, I am unable to combine the two. When I run Tomcat I get the default username (sa) and password () from the jcml file (assuming the one in the %JBOSS_DIST%/conf/ directory.

      I'm guessing that this is an easy problem to fix but not sure where to go for help.

      Thanks in advance,