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    Setting Tomcat Ports

    Gerard Smyth Newbie


      I am using the Jboss 2.4.3-Tomcat 4.0 distribution for developing my third year uni project, but am having trouble setting the ports for tomcat to use.
      I am running the server on the uni machines and have been assigned certain port numbers that I am allowed to use - I cant use the defaults!

      I have been able to change all the JBoss port numbers in the jboss configuration files (jboss/conf/catalina/) successfully, but no matter what port number I specify in the server.xml file (catalina/conf) for the http connector, it still seems to run on 8080!

      Do you have to set this port in a different config file, or am I just doing something wrong?

      Cheers for your help.


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          Colin Boatwright Newbie

          If you are running Tomcat in embedded mode (i.e. within JBoss and not as a separate process), then server.xml isn't read at all. Somewhat annoying. But, you can set the port. In your jboss.jcml file look for something like:

          And change it to something like:


          That should fix it for you.

          And, in theory, you can include any of the server.xml stuff you are doing within tags inside the mbean. But I haven't seen that work yet, but it is documented to work that way.


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            Gerard Smyth Newbie

            Thanks for your help, it works properly now! :)

            I just wanted to check if there are any other port numbers that I need to change before I run the server.
            I have currently changed the following:

            org.jboss.web.WebService from 8083
            org.jboss.naming.NamingService from 1099
            Hypersonic Database from 1476
            Html Adaptor service from 8082
            RMI Object port from 4444
            Tomcat http connector from 8080

            Im especially curious about the fact that it seems to start a JBossMQ service on ports 4828 and 4829. Is this true, and if so how do I change them (and any others that I may have missed!) as I can only use my assigned port numbers!

            Thanks for your help.